Sunday, March 27, 2011

And it's away!

I've just submitted Praetor to the Zune marketplace for inclusion in the WP7 app catalog. It will take several days at least before I know whether they're willing to include it as-is or require changes first.

It's been almost exactly one full year since I started development, and this is unquestionably the biggest game I've tried to produce under my one-man "Random Software" hobby label. The final package, fully compressed and encoded for release on a cell phone, is 24MB; anything beyond 10MB is considered sufficiently big that you need to connect your phone to a computer to download it, so this lands squarely in the Epic category as far as cell phone games are concerned.

I'm releasing Praetor exactly as my wife wisely suggested: rather than finishing the full hundred battles immediately, I've done a solid 25--including the first mini-boss and completing the entire Earth Magic saga. If this Episode 1 proves popular enough to justify the extra effort, I'll push ahead with Episode 2 where we wander into the lands where Water Magic prevails--and then on to Air and Fire if my enthusiasm stays strong.

So, congratulations to me! All three readers of my blog can rejoice. With projects that take a year to complete, it's pretty rare to get one to this stage of completion--and that feels pretty good. I'll post again if/when it finally shows up in the Zune marketplace.