Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Kaitron, More Chess

Wizards of Kaitron, now with more tiles! We've made three decks like this one, each with about 22 playing tiles.

The unusual tile in the center is just a helper: it's to remind the player which kind of element beats which other kind of element.

On the WP7 front, my Chess Club program is starting to look pretty sweet. I've finished the watch-others-play and watch-lectures sections, along with the solve-chess-puzzles for FICS (ICC support on the latter is forthcoming). That last part was tricky because I finally had to teach the thing to let users move the pieces, not just watch what's happening on the server. Still lots of UI work to do, but for sheer functionality the game is nearing completion.


  1. Fantastic game! And pretty, too!

  2. That looks so cool! And yes, it is pretty.

  3. Thankee, thankee. The kids and I continue to refine the rules, and Isaac has me half-convinced that it would work particularly well as a video game (duh). I sense another app coming up. :)